Lets Have Friends Around For Dinner

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Let's have Friends Around For Dinner

New songs about road rage, corporate arrogance, singing country songs with American place names, a lifetime of manual labour, and a collaboration with Kapiti poet Lindsay Rabbitt. Also new versions of some old favourites; guests include Nils Olsen, Wayne Mason, Lance Philip, James Tait-Jamieson and Nigel Patterson.

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1. Speed Up at The Overtaking Lane
2. Wallpaper
3. Let's Have Friendfs Around For Dinner
4. There's a Table Set For Two
5. Dancing With Your Ghost
6. 40 Winters
7. I Never Been To Texas
8. Would You Like To Play The Guitar
9. Coffee Song
10. I Used to Be Your Rooster
11. Sweet As
12. Gettin' Old & Gettin' Tired
13. Don't You Know Who I Am?
14. Play My Way Home

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Live at The Bent Horseshoe

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Live at The Bent Horseshoe

Eleven tracks culled from a very jolly evening in November 2013 at Tokomaru's Bent Horseshoe Cafe, sadly now closed. Some old favourites get an airing, some new originals and a couple of standards. 

1. Enjpy Yourself or Get Out
2. Let’s Talk About Me
3. Should I Dump You Somewhere Private?
4. Concrete Block Motel
5. Wake Up Baby
6. Two Words
7. Emily Bay
8. Don’t Be Sorry, Don’t Be Blue
9. C’est Si Bon
10. For No-one
11. Short Attention Span

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Ladies a Plate - The Andrew London Trio

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Ladies a Plate

Mostly original songs about what makes life in NZ so interesting. We take potshots at rural rednecks, rampant capitalism, social media obsession and the gradual emotional emancipation of the New Zealand male. And there's a Beatles song.

  1. I Think I’ll Buy a Yacht
  2. Three Little Words
  3. I Hugged My Mate
  4. No Moon at All
  5. Heaven For The Climate
  6. The One Who No-one Knows
  7. You Won’t See Me
  8. Like Me, Like Me (The Facebook Song)
  9. Country’s Buggered
  10. Exactly Like You
  11. Ladies a Plate

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Middle Class White Boy Blues

New songs about weddings, crooners, breakups and the dumbing down of popular culture; and some old tunes updated since they were recorded a decade ago with either Hot Club Sandwich or The Cattlestops.

  1. Enjoy Yourself or Get Out
  2. Let's Talk About Me
  3. If I Could Have a Rav
  4. Dumb Me Down
  5. Two Words
  6. Party of One
  7. I'd Never Let My Daughter Out With Frank Sinatra
  8. Appliances
  9. You Don't Play By The Rules
  10. Emily Bay
  11. My Daughter's Got a Boyfriend
  12. Middle Class White Boy Blues
  13. Welcome To Your Wedding
  14. Should I Dump You Somewhere Private
  15. I Can't Keep Up

You can also download the album via either Amplifier or iTunes.

Recent review from Downbeat USA:

This New Zealand-based group - songwriter Andrew London on vocals and vintage archtop guitar, with his wife, Kirsten, on bass and Nils Olsen playing reeds and flute - knows how to turn on the charm. Their sound sticks to the playful, breezy blues, pop, jazz and country of pre-1940 America. London's blithely nonchalant singing delivery reaches high levels of poise and affability while imparting witty lyrics that would draw quiet laughs of agreement from Mose Allison and Dave Frishberg. With tongue firmly lodged in cheek, London fesses up to all sorts of things, delivering the engaging blues for which the album is named. 

Read our first review courtesy of Eddie O'Strange from Hutt Radio:

Andrew London's new CD is a rare creature for a New Zealand album ... it's a keeper. "Middle Class White Boy Blues" is a master-class in songwriting, in performance, in arranging, and recording.

14 original songs (plus one by Nils Olsen), some re-worked, some brand new ones. Having them all together as one set, reinforces his stature as one of New Zealand's classiest songwriters - ever. And funniest. And cleverist. And so skilfully created one forgets that it's unusual to hear quality local songs actually written for grown-ups.

The songs are at their best in this "Andrew London Trio" setting. Of course, Andrew's unrivalled storytelling delivery, with his smooth "can-sing-anything" voice, is even more compelling within this intimate presentation.

Andrew London: guitar 
Nils Olsen: sax, clarinet, flute 
Kirsten London: bass

A cryptic description would be "acoustic swing". But it covers quite a lot of musical landscapes. There's the fun and sophistication of a Noel Coward, the stealth of a Dave Frishberg or Tom Lehrer, and free-range melodies so natural they come with their their own SatNav. Let's face it, whoever can come up with a sneaky, acceptable rhyme for "Sumatra" has every right to sit at the top table.'

Unforgettable - A Celebration of Nat King Cole

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The soundtrack to the stage show 'Unforgettable'; a collaboration with Dan Teka, April Phillips, James Cameron, Norman Meehan, Nils Olsen, Andrew London and Reuben Bradley, celebrating the music of Nat King Cole.

  1. Unforgettable
  2. Hit That Live Jack
  3. Autumn Leaves
  4. Orange Coloured Sky
  5. Nature Boy
  6. Send For Me
  7. Our Love Is Here To Stay
  8. Straighten Up & Fly Right
  9. Frim Fram Sauce
  10. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  11. Mona Lisa
  12. Sweet Lorraine
  13. L.O.V.E
  14. Almost Like Being In Love

You can also download the album from Bandcamp