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Andrew London Trio

The Andrew London Trio is my main vehicle for my satirical, whimsical and comedic songs, which are wrapped in a 1940s ‘Hot Club’ swing, jazz, blues or country-style package. Actually they are veering a little towards English Music Hall these days. Line up includes Kirsten London on bass and usually either Nils Olsen or James Tait-Jamieson, both saxophonists.… Read More »

Too Many Chiefs

Too Many Chiefs are four songwriters:  Andrew London, Laura Collins, Rob Joass and Wayne Mason. These ‘Chiefs’, all of whom lead their own bands, met for a coffee one fateful day in 2012, and conspired to form a collaboration in which they would perform each other’s songs together without their usual  ‘Indians’. Laura leads the Back Porch Blues Band, Wayne the Fallen Angels and Rob the Shot Band and Hobnail.… Read More »

The Cattlestops

The current Cattlestops line-up is Andrew London (guitar), James Cameron (bass), Lance Philip (drums), Wayne Mason (keys) and Ross McDerrmott (steel guitar). Occasionally we are joined by guitarist Nick Granville. Tui finalists in 2007 with their second album ‘Back To Rosetta Road’, The Cattlestops and their music featured in the movie ‘Second Hand Wedding’. New album ‘Dance in the Rain’ released August 2016.

Hot Club Sandwich

Hot Club Sandwich is a collaboration involving Andrew London and pianist/bass player Terry Crayford. Repertoire and style was originally based on the legendary Quintette du Hot Club de France who popularised the ‘Hot Club Swing’ genre in the 1930s. Hot Club Sandwich usually perform as a trio, with a sax or clarinet player joining London & Crayford.

The Cheese Brothers

The Cheese Brothers involves Andrew London and M.C. and radio and television personality Nick Tansley. Occasional members include drummer Lance Philip and bass-player Danny Fearn. The Cheese Brothers play popular hits from the ’60s and ’70s with genuine tongue-in-cheek affection – ideal for corporate and conference events.

The Stable Geniuses

The Stable Geniuses is a nebulous country-leaning group consisting of Andrew London (guitar), Ross McDermott (bass) and Brent McFarlane (drums). Obviously the name came from Donald Trump’s recent tweeted description of himself. Our first gig is due on 8th March 2018, at the Lindale Barn Auditorium and we will have guests Wayne Mason (piano) and Neil Billington. I… Read More »