Concrete Block Motel

Hello, here’s your key. You’re early – Oh well
so you come from Wellington, that right? yeah thought so – I can tell
It looks as if there’s three of you, your agent should have said
cos I only got this unit left – yeah there’s just the double bed.

You want some milk? blue or green? we give you that for free
but the heater’s on a timer, it goes off at half past three
my wife & I live right next door so if you have to, ring the bell
it’s all part of the service at this concrete block motel

I been here nearly twenty years and seen the likes of you
you think attending to your needs is all I’ve got to do
I think it’s only fair that I should share my private Hell
the welcome mat is waiting at this concrete…concrete block motel.

Now if you want to do some cooking, can you pull the blinds away
We had someone splash curry on them only yesterday
and check out time’s at 10.00 a.m. so when you’re leaving, don’t be slow
there’s no-one booked till August but we got our rules you know?

Yes of course we got the internet, it’s ten bucks for an hour
we got that wireless broadway thing and it takes a lotta power
but if you climb up on the fridge you get the signal really well
it’s all part of the service at this concrete block motel

Now of course there is no smoking, but it is all right to drink
and the shower works OK although the pressure’s on the blink
so she tends to dribble out rather slow, and of course the nozzle doesn’t fit
so if you want to actually get wet you gotta move around a bit

Hold on there is another room, how could I be so dumb
It used to belong to a chap called Bates, he lived there with his Mum
I think it’s reasonably clean, but we’ll only charge you half
The shower curtain’s missing and there’s some stains around the bath.

Copyright © 2015 Andrew London. All rights reserved.