I’d Never Let My Daughter Out With Frank Sinatra

As a father I’d be less than pleased if Frank Sinatra ever sleazed in past my door
We love his voice but he could not be woice as a choice of future son -in-law
regrets, I’ve had a few, but I’d sure get a kick from you
if you could give him one from me, that would be swell
then we could start spreading the news, that he’d be soon learnin’ the blues
cos we can get along without him very well

I wouldn’t mind at all if Humphrey Bogart came to call with all his Rat Pack mates
Dean Martin, Sammy Davis in my view would be OK vis-a-vis daughter dates
but the crooning and the swooning, all that fly me to the
mooning would so soon begin to get under my skin
and so I don’t care if he makes it in New York or in Sumatra. I’d
never let my daughter out with Frank Sinatra

With Elvis we’d be overjoyed he’s such a good God-fearing boy, tho he could eat less
pie and Engleburt could come & flirt, provided he was single, certain rules apply
Tony Bennett, please, we love that nice and easy does it
and he left his heart in San Francisco Bay
so he’d represent no danger, unlike that certain stranger
in the night who won’t stop singing Night & Day

well everybody says ‘that’s life’ but how d’ya turn down Mack the Knife when he’s
knocking at your door
and asking for your daughter’s hand, backed noisily by Basie’s band with Nelson
Riddle’s score
and if she’s smart, she’d run a mile at just the shadow of his smile and luck would be a
lady from that moment on
and so I don’t care if his kinda town’s Chicago or old Chinatown,
I’m never lettin’ her out with Frank Sinatra

Inst (Something stupid)
and if he said come fly with me, we’d lie awake until the wee small hours of the
morning meet that foggy day
But it won’t happen anyway, in Monterey or in Sumatra, cos I’d never let my daughter

what’s that doobedoobedoo about?I’d Never Let My Daughter Out With Frank Sinatra
I’d never let my daughter out, and put that hat on straight you lout
No matter if I lived in old New York or in Sumatra I’d never let my daughter out with
Frank Sinatra

Copyright © 2015 Andrew London. All rights reserved.