That’s Karori

In Real Estate, around wellington,
agents meet, and start to sing…..

Well Khandallah is nice but you’ll pay half the price in Karori
Tho there’s only one bus route that goes in and out of Karori
if you wanna drive, wait till after 5.00, then you can arrive without too much expletin’
If you wanna jog, way up in the fog, look out for the log someone’s dog’s been excretin’

and though Island Bay’s grand, it’s topography’s bland after Brooklyn
where the hilly terrain would have sherpas complain of the climb
if you claw up its flanks without oxygen tanks you’ll be sorry
Pardon me can’t you see you’ll be longing to be in Karori

Well though Seatoun is gay it’s much further away than Hataitai
In the tunnel we toot just for fun all en route to Hataitai
you can ride a bike anywhere you like, even take a hike with a picnic and vino
you can take a stroll, buy a sausage roll, latte in a bowl, or a soy cappucino

Well the parking is free, cos you’re down by the sea in Petone
when the southerly blows and you can’t see your nose through the rain
though it’s nice on the sand, you will freeze where you stand if it’s pouring
pardon me but you see you’ll be longing to be in Karori

and we love Berhampore, but it is such a bore after Newtown
if your partner is keen on exotic cuisine, go to Newtown
you could find a quick, doner on a stick, maybe get a mixed or a chicken iskender
vindaloo & rice, can be very nice, never mind the price, if you’re out on a bender

yes we love Wellington and we’d welcome you into Karori
we’re the suburb of choice for the few hoi pollois who do well…..
we vote Grant Robertson, still we might let you in if you’re Tory
our respect can be bought if you keep your lawn short in Karori

Music by Harry Warren, Lyrics by Andrew London. Original lyrics by Jack Brooks.
Apologies to Dean Martin (and fans).