Lots to do!

Watch this space

for updates on a whole lot of exciting projects we are trying to get finished over the latter half of 2020. Despite the ravages of Covid-19 and associated lockdowns, or perhaps in response to these distractions and the frustration of cancelling gigs all over the country, we have several initiatives under way:


  • ‘Let’s Talk About Me’ the book of song lyrics, currently being compiled
  • Let’s Talk About Me‘ the Stage Show, for which a ‘Boosted’ crowdfunding campaign will be launched shortly
  • Live at The Londons‘ online shows from home on Youtube, started under the first lockdown and about to recommence
  • Notable Tours : package tours to destinations such as Martinborough, Hawkes Bay and Whanganui, do-able under level 2
  • Get Back To Work‘ the new studio album almost complete

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cheers and best wishes, A & K

More about Andrew London:

I’m a musician based on the Kapiti Coast near Wellington, New Zealand. I’m primarily a songwriter and satirist and perform most often solo or duo (with Kirsten London on bass), or with my own Andrew London Trio. My songs explore social and political themes and although humour and satire is very much to the fore, poignancy and pathos are often not far away. 

I’m also involved in other collaborations (see Projects page). 

I play at festivals, functions and venues all over New Zealand, but also make the occasional trip to Australia & Norfolk Island and have even played in Saudi Arabia.

I’ve released over a dozen albums of (mostly) my own original material; some with a trio called Hot Club Sandwich, some with a country band called The Cattlestops, and some as the Andrew London Trio. Physical CDs of the most recent can be purchased on this site, or digital versions downloaded from Bandcamp.com.

All my public appearances are listed on the Gigs page. You can subscribe to my monthly newsletter over there on the right, and read previous newsletters below. You can check out my Facebook Page and Youtube Channel if you wish. Hope to see you out there!