Notable Tours

Hi Everyone,

Kirsten and I have started a little side-project called ‘Notable Tours’, building on the annual pilgrimages to Norfolk Island we have made over the last few years. Many of those who accompanied us on these trips have expressed an interest in other destinations that combine a bit of travel and a bit of music, so we have decided to call their bluff(s) and organise some travel packages to ‘test the water’.

The first of these is ‘Mission: Martinborough’, which as you can see from the flyer below, is a three day excursion to the Wairarapa wine district’s favourite town in late March 2020.

Kirsten and I spared no expense in conducting rigorous research into the accommodation, wining and dining options available, and put together a schedule which we guarantee will entertain, enlighten and energise your taste buds and cultural sensitivities.

Sound a bit too much like a travel brochure?

Email me for the real lowdown and watch this space for other upcoming Notable Tours.

ALMOST SOLD OUT as of 28/12/19….

Notable Tours | Martinborough March 2020