Notable Tours

Hi Everyone,

We started ‘Notable Tours’, as a natural progression from the annual pilgrimages to Norfolk Island we have made over the last few years. Many of those who accompanied us on these trips have expressed an interest in other destinations that combine a bit of travel and a bit of music, and especially now with overseas travel off the menu, we’ve  organised some package tours to a few select local destinations,

We hosted our first (Covid-postponed) Notable Tour to Martinborough in November 2020, took 45 intrepid souls to Whanganui in February 2021, followed up by a three day sojourn in beautiful Art Deco Hawkes Bay. Our next trip will be to Kapiti in October 2021 – already sold out I’m sorry to say. Sign up for our newsletter on the right of this page if you’d like to be kept informed of future adventures.

Send me an email if you’re keen!