Should I Dump You Somewhere Private

In spite of all our efforts, it’s apparent now to me
our romance just hasn’t blossomed like it should
despite a dozen dates and dinners disillusionment decrees
that our directions deviate, we have divergent destinies

And so it falls to me I guess to do the decent thing
before we’re inextricably entwined
I hope you’ll soon get over it, and we can still be friends
with benefits, perhaps, if you’re inclined…..

Should I dump you somewhere private, or in a neutral public place.
etiquette says gentlemen and catholics, should always do it face to face
should I opt for somewhere open, shunning small cafes and bars
could be an awkward silence after, should we maybe take two cars?

Should I take you to a restaurant, will you react with some reserve
I’ll try and get the whole thing over, just before the mains are served
I understand you’ll be downhearted, and your feelings may be hurt
but such a shame to let a tantrum, ruin both of our dessert

could I ‘unfriend’ you on Facebook, send a text in lower case
or an email to your office, with a little smiley face?
No there’s just no way around it….it’s a job that must be done
can we meet at 12 tomorrow – you’ll be back at work by one…..

Should I take you to a sad movie, betray my sensitivity
so then you’d be upset already, but not directly cos of me
should I dump you somewhere private, or in a neutral public place
oh there’s a message on my cellphone – well I’d have done it face to face.