Welcome to Andrew London.co.nz.  I'm a musician based on the Kapiti Coast near Wellington, New Zealand. I'm primarily a songwriter and satirist and perform with my own Andrew London Trio most of the time. My songs explore social and political themes and although humour is very much to the fore, poignancy and pathos are never far behind (just like real life). 

I play at festivals, functions and venues all over New Zealand, in Australia and Norfolk Island, and have even been flown to Saudi Arabia to perform. 

I've released over a dozen albums of (mostly) my own original material; some with a trio called Hot Club Sandwich, some with a country band called The Cattlestops, and some as the Andrew London Trio. The most recent can be seen on my Shop page. 

All my public gigs are listed on the Events page. You can subscribe to my monthly newsletter over there on the right, which always contains deliberate mistakes that you might enjoy spotting and pointing out to me. Everyone else does. 

There are a bunch of video clips on my Youtube Channel.

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