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Andrew & the Swing Voters at the Wanganui Club

A stellar lineup playing variations on the swing genre – elements of blues, rock’n’roll, jazz and country styles pervade. Explosive instrumental soloists Wayne ‘The piano is really a percussion instrument’ Mason and Brian ‘the sax fiend’ Omundsen let rip over driving rhythm section of Kirsten London (bass) and Ryan Watson (drums) assisted by Andrew London (guitar), who wrangles… Read More »

The Silver Hammers

A five-piece band assembled to scratch an itch – Andrew’s bucket-list wish to do a show consisting entirely of Beatles songs. Local Kapiti musicians were sought including drummer Anje Glindemann, keyboard player Wayne Mason and guitarist Ramon Oza. Some songs are done very much as the original versions, some are barely recognisable. Some, like You Won’t See Me… Read More »

The Silver Hammers play the Beatles

with Andrew, Kirsten, Ramon Oza, Wayne Mason, Ange Glindemann. $60 includes Mike’s legendary buffet. We play 5.30-6.30, eat during the break, then play about 7.00-8.00. Tix $60.00 on Eventfinda and worth every penny for the buffet dinner alone! The Silver Hammers are three baby boomers and two who just miss the cut by a decade or so, all… Read More »